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New Software for Communicating with Tiger Optics’ Compact Analyzers

The new Serani software from Tiger Optics allows remote monitoring of your HALO, Spark, ALOHA H2O, or Tiger-i analyzer. Use any Microsoft Windows® PC for real-time streaming of concentration and other key parameters.  Additional software features include trend plotting, easy access to the data filter, gas type, setting alarms and collecting the diagnostic data required for remote certification. Access the power of your analyzer via your network or serial connection!

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Moisture Monitor for Semi Tools

The new HALO QRP moisture analyzer for low-pressure semiconductor deposition chambers offers real-time monitoring of H2O contaminants in your epitaxy or MOCVD chamber at pressures as low as 1 Torr.

Protect your process with the QRP!

Improved Formaldehyde Detection

HALO 3 CH2O now with 2.5 ppb MDL

Detecting low-ppb levels of formaldehyde is extremely important for ensuring quality of hydrogen for fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs). Recognizing the stringent requirements for this application, Tiger Optics now offers improved detection limits for CH2O in N2 and H2, helping to ensure SAE J2719 or ISO 14687 compliance.

Verify Your Analyzer is in Spec

In-Place Recertification

Tiger Optics' low-cost Remote Certification Process will verify your unit is as accurate and reliable as the day it was shipped from Tiger Optics, and provide you with a certificate attesting to the accuracy of your unit.

The New Spark Methane

Trace CH4 Detection at a Popular Price

The Spark CH4 extends Tiger’s cost-efficient CRDS platform to the detection of trace methane for a host of applications, from process control to quality and safety assurance in air separation plants. With sensitivity as low as 6 ppb, the Spark CH4 replaces cumbersome mid-20th-century technology. 



Tiger’s CRDS Garners CGA Approval!

The Compressed Gas Association Standard, CGA G-10.1, Commodity Specification for Nitrogen, now cites Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy as an approved method for moisture measurement. Based on a unanimous decision by the members of the Atmospheric Gases and Equipment Committee in August 2016, this change is welcome news to our many users in the industrial gas community. Specializing in CRDS since 2001, Tiger offers a proven range of moisture analyzers for N2. Contact us for more information or to request a quote today!


Leading Labs Turn to Tiger

Tiger Optics is a standard bearer in a growing number of national metrology institutes around the globe. Since its first sale to the Dutch VSL in May, 2001, Tiger has gained acceptance at 21 national metrology institutes. Many of the institutes use Tiger instruments as a transfer standard to calibrate their own gas standards for research and industrial use. Some institutes also employ Tiger analyzers in their research of such problems as acid rain and global warming. Prized for their proven precision, excellent repeatability, and rapid throughput, as well as their extraordinary dynamic range (four+ orders of magnitude), Tiger’s CW-CRDS analyzers serve foremost institutes in these nations.