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  • EUEC 2016, Booth #577, San Diego California, February 3rd-5th.
  • Pittcon 2016, Booth #1050, Atlanta Georgia, March 6th-10th.
  • Analyse Industrielle, rep Anagaz at booth D2, Paris France, March 30&31.
  • Greenhouse Gas and Animal Agriculture Conference (GGAA2016), rep Thomson Group, Melbourne Australia,  Feb 14-18.

Tiger In The News

    We understand the challenge of forging test procedures to comply with the new MATS and PS 18 rules. Here, we wish to share our findings from the successful industry and government trials of our Tiger-i CEM HCl analyzer over the past 2 years.
    Based on Tiger's multi-year campaign, ASTM has published a new standard for fuel-cell-grade hydrogen analysis using CW-CRDS! The new standard, D7941/D7941M-14, is available for purchase from ASTM at:
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Meet the New HALO OK

World’s Best Ultra-Trace O2 Analyzer

At last, no more compromises. Super-compact and affordable, Tiger's new HALO OK fits neatly into a portable cart or instrument rack for easy, accurate and maintenance-free operation. Verify oxygen impurity levels with part-per-trillion accuracy, drift-free stability and instantaneous response.


Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

Standard Test Method for Hydrogen Purity Analysis Using a Continuous Wave Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy Analyzer
June 1, 2014, ASTM International

Tiger Optics Shows Prowess in Testing Hydrogen for Fuel Cell Vehicles
Nov. 3, 2015,

Read how Tiger helps to drive Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles!
Oct. 8, 2015,

Tiger Optics wins California order to test hydrogen for FCEVs, reported by Fuel Cells Bulletin  (PDF)
Sept. 2015,

Tiger Optics leads in hydrogen purity testing for fuel cell vehicles
Aug. 20, 2015,

Lookin' Good!

Tiger Optics HALO and Spark product lines have a sharp new Graphical User Interface (GUI), with more visual trending capabilities. Data tracking is now accessible on the main interface, allowing simultaneous monitoring of current concentration data and trend history.

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Competitive Comparison with Servomex DF-750E

Welcome to Tiger Optics
21st Century Spectroscopy

Founded in 2001, Tiger Optics offers measurement at the speed of light. Based on Continuous Wave Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CW CRDS), Tiger Optics designs and manufactures dedicated trace gas analyzers and ambient air monitors for a myriad of molecular species and a wide range of matrices, including toxic, corrosive, and hydride gases. Our instruments serve an array of markets, from semiconductor fabrication to chemical synthesis to environmental monitoring, and more.

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IN-PLACE RECERTIFICATION Tiger Optics' Low Cost Remote Certification Process will verify your unit is as accurate and reliable as the day it was shipped from Tiger Optics, and provide you with a Certificate attesting to the accuracy of your unit.


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First ISO-Certified CRDS Company

Tiger Optics is the first CRDS company certified to the ISO 9001:2008 standard of process consistency and continuous quality improvement.

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Tiger Optics is a standard bearer in a growing number of national metrology institutes around the globe. Since its first sale to the Dutch VSL in May, 2001, Tiger has gained acceptance at 19 other leading organizations.







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