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The energy sector encompasses a diverse range of applications and technologies, each with unique measurement challenges.  The sector includes power generation from traditional, fossil fuels such as coal and gas, as well as nuclear.  The former presents the challenge of measuring a range of combustion by-products in a harsh environment, while the latter requires safety-critical process control.  Add to this emerging, alternative energy generation technologies such as the mass production of solar photovoltaics, fuel cell devices, and other renewables, and you have an ever widening selection of analytes and sample conditions to cater for and customers to serve.

Tiger's full range of products - the LaserTrace, HALO, Tiger-i, Prismatic, and VROOM - is capable of meeting the requirements for any given energy market application.  For example, the Tiger-i 2000 HCl is proven for the measurement of this key pollutant as emitted from coal-fired power plants, while our flagship LaserTrace 3 is ensuring fuel cell hydrogen meets new ASTM and ISO standards for purity, allowing extended product lifetime and optimized performance.