• NEW Prismatic 3

    Next-generation multi-species gas analyzer when real-time, on-line gas monitoring is essential.

  • Total Solution for Bulk & Specialty Gas Monitoring

    Next-generation, real-time, high-performance gas analyzers and mass spectrometers.

  • COVID-19 Update

    Especially through these uncertain times, we are here to support you and your analytical measurement needs.  We ensure our employees’ health and wellbeing, and protect our customers’ safety through every process.

High Performance, real-time CRDS trace gas analyzers

Tiger Optics, a Process Insights brand, is the premier supplier of real-time, high purity, high performance CRDS gas analyzers for the semiconductor, environmental, laboratory & life science, energy, and refining industries. 

      • High Purity Gases & Systems
      • Specialty Gases
      • Air Separation & Hydrogen
      • Process Tools
      • Airborne Molecular Contaminants (AMC)
      • Water Analysis
      • Lab, Safety & Compliance
      • System Integration


Global leading high purity analysis solutions for semiconductor and HB-LED applications, bulk and specialty gases & systems, air separation and nitrogen plants, fuel-cell hydrogen production & quality control, air quality & emissions monitoring, and more.  


Field-proven, reliable trace gas analysis solutions for the high purity analysis for the chemical, semiconductor, electronics, laboratory, life science, energy and refining industries.  


Tiger Optics is a Process Insights brand. 

For High-Performance Gas Analysis and Process Monitoring Solutions

For decades, the Process Insights’ global brands – ATOM InstrumentTiger OpticsExtrelCOSA XentaurGuided Wave, Alpha Omega InstrumentsLAR Process Analysers, Hygrocontrol, and MBW Calibration have optimized the process and research industry around the globe.

Our solutions and technologies ensure safe operations, increase production quality, improve asset lifecycle while optimizing levels of efficiency and throughput.  And, you get this with one supplier.  Process Insights delivers premium sensors, monitors, detectors, analyzers, instrumentation, and software that are mission-critical keep your operations, personnel, and the environment safe.

Process Insights is committed to solving our customers’ most complex analytical and process challenges.


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