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Innovative gas analysis solutions

We have been the preferred provider for high-performance, laser-based gas analyzers to advance industrial standards and enable cutting-edge research. By leveraging the expertise of scientists, engineers and industry specialists, we offer advanced total solutions, field support, analyzer training, and advice to help customers improve yields and reduce costs. By creating out-of-the-box solutions that deliver fast, reliable and stable measurements, we support continuous innovation for gas & chemical production, semiconductor fabrication, and many more.

We take our Tiger Optics Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS) to the next level with our latest optical technology. Utilizing mid-infrared Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL), our new Tiger Optics’ HALO Max QCL allows dramatic decreases in detection limits for certain molecules, such as CO.  Introducing the HALO Max QCL CO for ppt-level carbon monoxide detection, it is based on our latest Max platform, offers exceptional speed and further improved usability in an all-inclusive and robust package. The HALO Max QCL CO perfectly complements our HALO KA Max series, the HALO OK and our other QCL-based analyzers.


    • Extremely fast speed of response
    • Industry-proven technology
    • Freedom from the need for span calibrations
    • No periodic sensor replacement/maintenance
    • Wide range of detection limit
    • Wide dynamic range and no drift

    Get the most reliable, most precise gas analysis technologies available on the market today for high purity applications.  We will work to match your needs and budget and provide the optimal, and most stable process analysis solution for your application.  Our high purity gas analysis and systems provide stable and reliable bulk gas continuous quality control (CQC) monitoring (PPB-PPT Levels) for pre- and post-purifier trace impurity measurements.  

    Ask about our field-proven analyzers and integrated systems for:

    • Industrial gas
    • Medical gas
    • Specialty and bulk gas monitoring
    • Continuous AMC monitoring
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    • Improved reliability
    • Lower cost of ownership 
    • Improved product quality
    • Efficiency
    • Meet compliance requirements
    • Backed by global service and support

    We are committed to solving our customers’ most complex analytical and process challenges.


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    • Airborne Molecular Contaminants
    • High Purity Gases & Systems
    • Semiconductor Process Tools
    • UHP Ammonia & High-Brightness LEDs

    Gases & Chemicals

    • Air Separation Units & Nitrogen Plants
    • Gas Quality Control
    • High Purity Gases & Systems
    • Syngas & Fuel Gas Production

    Laboratory & Life Sciences

    • Gaseous CRM & Calibration Gas Mixtures
    • Medical & Pharmaceutical Industries
    • Research & Development 

    Energy & Power Generation

    • HF Alkylation Unit Emissions
    • Hydrogen Fuel Cells
    • Nuclear Energy
    • Power Generation from Fossil Fuels

    Emissions Monitoring

    • CEM Standards Preparation
    • Cement Kilns 
    • Pulp and Paper Production
    • HF Alkylation Unit Emissions
    • Power Generation from Fossil Fuels


    • Air Quality Monitoring
    • Greenhouse Gas Monitoring

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