Gas Quality Control

CRDS Gas Analysis Technology for Gas Quality Control

Tiger analyzers ensure product purity and efficient process control in a variety of industrial gas applications. Tigers offer:

  • PPB to PPM measurement of H2O, CO, CO2, CH4 and more
  • Compact, robust & affordable analyzers
  • Fast, accurate, with no calibration or maintenance requirements




  • Truck Fill Measurements
  • Cylinder Analysis     
  • Quality Control for Medical Gases

Product Guide
Solutions for Laboratories
Solutions for Industrial Gas
Cost-Effective Purity Analysis in the Cryogenic Air Separation Process
Hydrogen Purity Analysis in Hydrogen-Carbon Monoxide Plants
Parts-Per-Trillion Moisture Detection in Electronic-Grade Bulk Gases
Validating CRDS for Moisture Analysis in Medical Oxygen
Accurate Online Analysis of Helium Tube Trailer Filling

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