Laboratory & Life Science

Innovative gas analysis solutions for the Laboratory and Life Science Industries

Proven precision, excellent stability and rapid response

Tiger Optics is a standard bearer for a growing number of major research centers and national metrology institutes around the globe. Indeed, since its first sale to the Dutch national lab, VSL, in May 2001, Tiger has enjoyed sales to 22 national metrology institutes worldwide. There, our analyzers serve as transfer standards and for research into such issues as global warming and acid rain.

Prized for their proven precision, excellent stability and rapid response, as well as their extraordinary dynamic range (four+ orders of magnitude), Tiger’s CRDS analyzers speed throughput, taking the drudgery out of routine tests and allowing more time for discovery for applications ranging from neutrinos to hydrogen fuel cells to animal husbandry, and more. 



  • Gaseous CRM & Calibration Gas Mixtures
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Research & Development
    • Academic & Advanced Research – Perfect fit for university & government lab projects of residual gas analysis, outgassing studies, and glove boxes for gas monitoring of H2, He, D2, H2O, O2, N, CO2, Ar, and more.
    • Environmental Research – Gas monitoring for CH4, CO, CO2, NH3, H2, and Volatile Organic Carbons (VOCs).
    • Metrology – For ppt – ppb – ppm levels of O2, H2O, HCl, CH4, NH3 and more gas analysis.

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