Research & Development

Innovative gas analysis solutions for the Research and Development Industry

Tiger’s single- and multi-species trace gas analyzers and air monitors tackle a plethora of species, including moisture, ammonia, methane, oxygen, hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen chloride, formaldehyde and more. Our instruments work in a wide range of matrices, including toxic, corrosive, and hydride gases. Our technology is used for pathbreaking research, leading to discoveries in neutrino science, fuel cell development, space exploration and more.

Tiger analyzers offer:

  • Measurement of ppt to ppm level of H2O, CO, CH4 and more
  • Versatile, robust and affordable performance
  • Fast, accurate and on-line monitoring, with no calibration or maintenance requirements
  • Dew point measurement now available


  • Neutrino Research
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Research
  • Purifier Development & Qualification
  • Academic Research

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