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Summer 2020

Brand New Product Guide from Tiger Optics

We are excited to launch our new 2020 Product Guide, which features:

  1. Comprehensive coverage of Tiger’s products, services, and analyzer upgrades
  2. Overview of all analyzer ranges for easy selection of your ideal product
  3. Interactive table of contents and links to individual product brochures
  4. Concise yet comprehensive, easy-to-read layout

Versatile Laser-Based Gas Analysis

How do Spark CRDS analyzers help your industrial gas process? The Spark offers several important advantages, such as

  1. Ensuring gas quality by measuring H2O, CH4, CO, CO2, or C2Has low as single-digit PPB with a full range in the tens to thousands of PPM
  2. Extremely fast speed of response for better process control
  3. Extending maintenance cycles of ASU molecular sieve beds
  4. Significant cost savings on calibration and maintenance compared to NDIR or GC
  5. Providing drift-free accuracy
  6. Eliminating downtime due to calibration and maintenance
  7. Full remote control with Serani™ analyzer interface software
  8. Allowing for remote stream-switching, including changing background gases
  9. Maximum ease of use with simple touchscreen interface

Contact us today to see how Tiger’s Spark analyzers can help you produce gases faster and more efficiently while maintaining high quality.

Working Remotely? Tiger Optics Can Help!

Optics Serani analyzer interface software can connect to your analyzer remotely and allow you to:

  1. Fully control your analyzer from your computer
  2. Get live measurements remotely
  3. Download and analyze data from your desk or home office
  4. Change background gases
  5. Adjust analyzer parameters
  6. Perform one-click scans and service functions

Now is a good time to perform your annual Performance Verification!

  1. Ensure your analyzer is operating to specifications while working from home
  2. Performance Verification is fully remote — no need to return analyzer to factory

Simply collect the Performance Verification data from your computer via Serani and send to Tiger for analysis.

Questions? We’re here to help.